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Open Roles

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Senior Software Engineer - Frontend UI

[Senior Software Engineer - Astro, Open Source](https://astroinc.notion.site/Senior-Software-Engineer-Astro-Open-Source-845529eea9c04c9ebfcfbfa962fadaf1)


Product Design Lead


DevRel — Content Marketing Lead

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What is Astro?

Astro makes web development easy. We make it possible to build fast websites with an easy-to-use platform that feels familiar to developers regardless of experience level.

Astro launched in 2021 by introducing web partial hydration — a previously difficult-to-use web performance technology — to the world. Astro makes web development faster and easier, all while while supporting your favorite framework (React, Preact, Svelte, Vue, Solid.js, etc.)

Last year was a huge year for Astro: We took home the Jamstack Conf "Ecosystem Innovation Award" and become one of the fastest growing projects across all of GitHub in its first year. We amassed an amazing community of contributors and an even larger audience of 10,000+ developers using Astro every day at companies like Google, Netlify, Trivago, Rokt, The Guardian and more.