Welcome! Thank you for your interest in collaborating with the Astro team!

We want to make web development easy. However, the web is a huge domain and there are so many things developers can build. If you’re here, that means there’s a good chance you’re passionate about the same thing we are and also recognize that we can change the web for the better together. We are committed to growing the Astro ecosystem to help more developers benefit, not only from Astro but, from any other tool they need to build the web - including yours!

<aside> ❗ Not available: We do not currently offer 1:1 support or external blog reviews.


📊 Statistics

⭐️ Sponsorships

Astro is an open-source project that accepts financial sponsorship via Open Collective. 100% of funds raised go to help support and sustain our volunteer-driven open source community. Funds are explicitly not available to The Astro Technology Company, the company formed to help support the project. Learn more about how we handle sponsorship funds.

Sponsorship is a good option if you want to get your logo on our homepage, GitHub READMEs, or docs website. We are always happy to work directly with larger sponsors ($2000+ per month) to create a custom sponsorship package. See Open Collective for more details.

<aside> ✍🏻 To sponsor: Visit Open Collective to see a full list of our supported tiers, current sponsors, and full instructions for how to become a sponsor yourself.


⭐️ Technology

Integrations are created to make it possible for two technologies to work well together. On the other hand, theme related projects at Astro are community submissions to our theme marketplace. The former makes it possible for both of our users to build the sites they need. The latter makes it easy for Astro users to customize the sites they build as they see fit.

Currently, Astro is able to collaborate on integrations as long as we are acting as an advisor or sounding board and you have already committed to the work. We are currently prioritizing integrations with CMS companies given our focus on content-rich websites. As for themes, Astro welcomes theme submissions from anyone that is passionate about supporting the community.

<aside> ✍🏻 To contribute: Email [email protected] with a brief summary of who you are, what integration you’re building, who you’re building for, and when you intend to release it.